Welcome to my new blog


Welcome to my blog. I have started it as a place to write about my interests, and things that I think will help people in my community.

Expect to find my musings on autism, neurodiversity and disability, maybe some academic writing and updates on projects. My academic interests are autism and particularly the large number of false accusations of fabricated and induced illness (FII) which many autistic mothers (and non autistic mothers of autistic children) are coping with. I know far too many people where FII has been insinuated as a way of frightening them to stop asking for support for their children. In other cases they have been outright accused and child protection proceedings have begun for completely unfair and unethical reasons. Sometimes they appear to be malicious accusations and other times down to misunderstandings about autism. Expect that topic to appear a lot on here. I read a lot (well listen actually, I like audiobooks) and I may use this blog as a way of summarising what I read, both to make it accessible to other people and to help me process and remember it. My intention is also to write about strategies I am trying to improve my life and to deal with my cognitive impairments (probably also strategies I have helped others use).

I expect this blog will be varied as I have my fingers in a lot of pies. If there is anything you would like me to write about let me know by commenting or emailing me via the contact page.

Bye for now – Shona

Published by ShonaMurphy

I am an autistic autism professional, PhD student and a mother to two autistic children. A change of personal circumstances including a late diagnosis of autism brought my banking career to an end in exchange for a more fulfilling life as an autism educator and autistic advocate. Clients have included the NHS, private companies, universities, schools and charities. I graduated with an MA in autism (distinction) from Sheffield Hallam University in 2018 and since then have been working professionally as a trainer and conference speaker. I also do voluntary work writing about autism and supporting autistic people.

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