Autistic Mutual Aid Fund

Gillian Loomes and I have started a fund to support autistic people who do work for the autistic community such as training or speaking at conferences. During this time of global coronavirus emergency many have lost all of their income.

To read about the new fund, to donate or apply for some money have a look at the gofundme link below. Any support is appreciated.

Published by ShonaMurphy

I am an autistic autism professional, PhD student and a mother to two autistic children. A change of personal circumstances including a late diagnosis of autism brought my banking career to an end in exchange for a more fulfilling life as an autism educator and autistic advocate. Clients have included the NHS, private companies, universities, schools and charities. I graduated with an MA in autism (distinction) from Sheffield Hallam University in 2018 and since then have been working professionally as a trainer and conference speaker. I also do voluntary work writing about autism and supporting autistic people.

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