Essay reviewing and proofreading

I proofread and comment on autism essays for the MA and PGCert autism students at Sheffield Hallam university (SHU) and I have found over the years that I write similar comments each year to different students. I thought if I log them here then I can share this with future students so those who cannotContinue reading “Essay reviewing and proofreading”

BOOK REVIEW: Katie Hunt and Helen Rodwell: An Introduction to Autism for Adoptive and Foster Families

This book is an easy to read introduction to the basics of autism. It is aimed at adoptive and foster families and therefore a lot of the second half discusses the complexities of attachment and trauma when combined with autism. Many autistic people have experienced trauma, so I believe the book is useful to aContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW: Katie Hunt and Helen Rodwell: An Introduction to Autism for Adoptive and Foster Families”

Functioning labels and autism

Content warning: mention of suicide It is very common to hear autistic people described as mildly autistic or severely autistic. Or perhaps high or low functioning. Or you may hear questions like which ‘end of the spectrum’ are they on? Probably one of the worst examples I have heard was when a parent told someoneContinue reading “Functioning labels and autism”

Reflections of autistic parents who home educate their autistic children

As part of my MA in autism I also did some primary research on the reflections of autistic parents who home educate their autistic children. I was interested in this topic as an autistic mother to two autistic children who both have been home educated when mainstream education did not work for them. It wasContinue reading “Reflections of autistic parents who home educate their autistic children”

The pros and cons of autistic parenthood

As part of my MA in autism I did some primary research on autistic parenthood. I am in the process of preparing this for publication but for now here is a short summary. I completed a qualitative study with 6 autistic parents as participants and I interviewed them to get their perspectives on the prosContinue reading “The pros and cons of autistic parenthood”

Identity first or person first language?

This topic gets discussed so often amongst autistic people, our families and autism professionals. Most of us are probably bored of the subject but I wanted to write down my view so that when I get asked to consult on other people’s projects I can link to this as my justification for why I alwaysContinue reading “Identity first or person first language?”

Email organisation for stress reduction

In recent years I have been trying lots of different strategies to help with my executive functioning difficulties, with varying amounts of success. I thought I would write on my blog about some of the things that have worked for me in the hope that it may help other neurodivergent or disabled people who alsoContinue reading “Email organisation for stress reduction”

Welcome to my new blog

Hello! Welcome to my blog. I have started it as a place to write about my interests, and things that I think will help people in my community. Expect to find my musings on autism, neurodiversity and disability, maybe some academic writing and updates on projects. My academic interests are autism and particularly the largeContinue reading “Welcome to my new blog”